Don Mason Caidate for Zanesville, Ohio Mayor 2019

Fellow Zanesvillians

Fellow Zanesvillians,

As you know I am running for the Office of Mayor. Over the last eight years the City has been slow to properly or adequately respond to issues as they begin to appear.

As a result an ignored ‘issue’….. becomes  a ‘crises’.

Also, many of you have talked to me about your concerns which include; the plight of the homeless, increase in transient population, failure of drivers to observe speed limits and red lights, the botched demolition of the Linden Avenue and south end industrial sites, failure to timely address Wayne avenue or ‘The Dug Road’, the lack of organized youth recreation at city parks and playgrounds, the poor maintenance of public property or a vast array of other issues.

The individual ‘failures’ in each of these areas has collectively affected the quality of living in Zanesville. 

I am running for the Office of Mayor in hopes of improving the quality of life for those in our community and putting the City back on track in terms of addressing the actual priorities and problems which a well-managed city should address. I would appreciate your attendance at the final fundraiser.

Please take a look at my website

It is my hope to have a strong turnout for Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

as we head into the final month of the campaign. 

Please RSVP to Derrick Moorehead or Blake McNamara.

[email protected]

[email protected]

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